Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weight loss and such

I am reading a book called "The Beck Diet Solution" and working through the partnering workbook. It uses cognitave therapy to help you develop healthy habits and thoughts regarding food. It has really helped me see how much of my overeating was completely tied up with my emotions, how I wanted people to perceive me, how I thought they perceived me, and actually some to do with my tension over denying and then admitting my homosexuality - and I almost never ate because I was hungry, and in fact, almost never was hungry. While it helps you with the thought process, the book itself does not provide a diet plan, and suggests that you line up not one, but two - so if you give up on one you don't just stop dieting, but move on to the next one. For my diet I'm doing Weight Watchers, and exercising at the gym 3-4 times a week and stair climbing once a week. At the gym I mainly do the treadmill and water aerobics.

So, if y'all were wondering, that's how I've lost thirty pounds thus far.

2 comments: said...

Thx for the tip! :)

Lori D said...

Wow, thirty pounds. Cool beans..uh, I mean, good deal :)
BTW, I found your site today, and though I'm a transwoman, I am really identifying more as a lesbian than ever.
AND I love the fact that Jesus loves me, and I rest in that knowledge. Now to let his light shine....

Anyway, thanks for blogging, I look forward to reading more.