Wednesday, September 2, 2009

getting a job

So, I've been trying to complete the hiring process to be a substitute teacher at my mother's school (she's also a teacher) for the past three weeks.
It seems that it takes a personal visit or phone call to get anything done in their HR.
They would not accept the fingerprinting that I've already had done in 2007, because they only take them from 1/1/2008 or later.
I drove for 5 hours round-trip to get fingerprinted last week, because all the places closer were too busy to work me in.
They then said that THAT was all well and good, they weren't going to touch my application with anything approximating haste unless a principal emailed them saying they wanted me.
I asked my mother's principal to do this for me, because I'm supposed to sub for my mother next week - and she has to put me in as the sub before then.
He said he would - last week.
Today they said they haven't gotten his email.
He's off campus for today and tomorrow.
I am so frustrated I'm ready to scream.

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