Thursday, October 15, 2009

National Night Out (not what it sounds like on this blog...)

So, every year home owner associations around the country have a "national night out" where all the neighbors on each street meet outside and talk to each other, eat food, and talk about issues that affect the neighborhood (issues this year - one couple's autistic teenagers - who like to walk around, the plant opening up north of our neighborhood, and people leaving their garage doors open).
I noticed a few months ago that one house on our street has a rainbow flag hanging up outside - and I wondered - but didn't know how to go about asking them... Well, I saw two middle-aged women show up together, and according to their nametags, they lived in that house... so, when everyone was talking, on pretext of petting the women's beagle, I asked one of them if they were "family" - and sure enough, they are! I barely know their names, but hey, there are some real live lesbians that openly live about five houses down from me!
Don't know when I'll have another chance to talk to them, but hey!

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