Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby hunger

So, one of my friends had a baby last week. He's really cute, a little wide-eyed person staring out in the world.

While I know that I am not ready financially, relationally, or probably most other ways, I'm pretty sure that hormonally I am ready to have a baby. Every time I see one I want to hold it, every time I hold one, I want one.

Now, most of my life I've known that I had to wait until I was married to have children, but when I was planning on marrying a man, I knew that when the time came children would naturally come.

Now that's not so much the case.

I know I have options. Adoption, in vitro, etc...

I just wish that when the time comes... there's a way to make my child genetically mine and my yet to be discovered partner.


jadedjabber said...

I totally understand and agree. It is so hard. We create this mythology of conception, this fairytale about two peoples love combined with ease and nature. To see oneself outside of this story is hard. So hard.

The one thing that has given me a different outlook is my parents (they are hetero). They recently became foster parents and my whole understanding and thoughts about family have changed. I still have moments however....

Anonymous said...

Hm, I feel you on that, ClosetedLesbianBaptist.

Cecilia said...

I have a friend who is thinking of having a child with his partner. They are going to ask his partner's sister to let them have some eggs, so that his family's genetic materials can be mixed with my friend's.

I thought that was pretty creative.

(((CLB))). God makes a way where there is no way.

Pax, C.

DykeDiva said...

Hey, in the event you did not know, you are profiled in the Dallas Morning News so congrats! I am a Christian who is also a lesbian but we live in Dallas so we are plugged in a teriffic church community. I know living in a small town it may not seem like it but there are lots of us out here! Oh and BTW we are getting licensed to be foster parents so we can adopt! Good luck!

Autumn Sandeen said...

I have a 30-something-year old transwoman friend who started taking hormones a couple of years ago. I recommended she bank some of her sperm before she became sterile, just because at some point she may wish to have children that are connected to her biologically.

Sometimes, being LGBT means being creative.