Friday, May 2, 2008

The romance is gone, but...

So, I go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight. It's a little family owned place, with three generations currently working there, and absolutely fabulous fajitas. Another thing they have, that very few places actually do, is a desert called flan. Now, I grew up knowing people who made this wondrous desert at home, and came to enjoy it in that form. Now, among the few restaurants that actually have flan, some do a horrendous job, while others are decent. My favorite restaurant is fantastic at it. 

Back to tonight. I get my chips and salsa. I get my beef fajitas. I ask for my flan.

After a little while of waiting, the middle generation lady of this restaurant came out to my table, apologized, and said that someone had served the last unfrozen flan without taking out any more, but that she would be glad to pack one up for me to take home, and I could have it tomorrow. This seemed fine with me, she came back with a paper bag, and I payed my bill and left.

At home I peeked into the bag, wondering how one packages a flan, and found it in a plastic package complete with safety seal... this most wondrous flan is MASS PRODUCED, and not made by a little Hispanic grandmother in the back of the kitchen. This initially made me a little disappointed - the mystery is all gone... but now I'm wondering... if this restaurant can order frozen flan from somewhere, can I?

For those of you who have been wondering this whole time, what the heck is flan, the American Heritage Dictionary says it is "a custard that is baked in a caramel-lined mold and served chilled with the caramel side up." I say it is good. Above is a picture, randomly found on the internet.


FranIAm said...

Frozen flan? Who knew?

Deep sigh, such is the unraveling of a mystery.

Hidden in Christ said...

hmm.. i see a definite spiritual application here. maybe for your next blog: flan part duex

i stinkin love mexican food. i think you and i would be good friends in real life!

Cecilia said...


But not for me today!


Streak said...

Hey, just came to your blog from the DMN and hope you keep up with the writing. Don't let the bad voices (here or elsewhere) stop that.

On another point, the google ad on the page for this post was "meet hot guys" which made me smile.

Now I want some flan, so thanks a lot for that.