Monday, April 28, 2008


One of my friends got online tonight to tell me that she is joining the army so she can pay to continue to go to school. I was stunned, shocked, silent, and finally managed to tell her that I would pray for her and for her to let me know how it goes, etc.
But see there is this one thing.

I believe war is wrong.

Incredibly wrong.

Really, really wrong.

There is never an excuse for it wrong.

and I didn't say anything.

because, obviously, she doesn't feel that way, or she wouldn't be joining the army.

I went to school with her, and I know that she is a deeply committed Christian. My faith has lead me to believe there is no just war, while her equally Christian faith lead her to believe that there is such a thing. 

Just as I don't want people pounding me over the head with Bible verses that I've already examined, I have to assume that she has thought about this, prayed about this, etc, and any convincing I try to do will just hurt.

But I wonder... should I tell her that I'm anti-war?

Should I tell her that I pray every day that this conflict will end?

Should I tell her that I cry every time I hear of anyone, American or not, dying or being horribly injured in this stupid war?

Or do I just silently add her to the list of people that I pray and cry for?

Oh Lord, Why do the nations rage?


The Swandive said...

For what its worth, I am TOTALLY 100% with you on your beliefs. And, I was in the Army.

In times such as these, people need to make all sorts of decisions for all sorts of reasons. Sounds like hers are economic.

I don't think you have to assume that she is on one side, and you, the other. She may share your convictions, but because of other things seemingly more important, need to make different decisions. Or she could be looking to you to help her discern?

I can only assume that choices like hers are very difficult to make, and she probably just wants to be loved unconditionally through it.

I think there is a way that you can tell her your position, without shutting her out. She'll need all the people she can find to pray for her, and how wonderful it is that you will. Bless you in the struggle.

jadedjabber said...

Oh, I understand this. I have a couple of friends who are in the service. If she is your friend, I imagine she knows your position on The War, and any war-though perhaps not completely. Pray for her. Ask her why she joined and how she feels. But now may not, (at least in my experience) be the time to have the theological discussion about war.

Good luck and keep us posted. I will put you and your friend in my prayers tonight.

FranIAm said...

My prayers, my prayers for you!

You are confronting so many issues. It is a lot.

And what does it say about our society that people join the army to pay for school?

And this is the "culture of life?"

I think not!

PamBG said...

My suggestion: hold your counsel for now. She will understand after spending some time in the army.

I'm a pacifist too.

Here in the UK, Christian churches celebrate Remembrance Sunday. I always thank those who served their country and talk about their sacrifices, but I also always preach that God's ultimate will is for peace.

No one who actually served in the armed forces has ever been angry with me for preaching peace.

Hidden in Christ said...

i couldn't agree with you more. i used to believe in war. i used to think it necessary. but the more i read the Word, and the more i get to know Jesus, i realize that He would be totally against war. thank you for taking a stand.

thanks for standing for love. can't wait to meet you in heaven.