Saturday, July 18, 2009

If only she knew

Last Sunday I hung out with two of my dear friends (sisters) and we went to a play put on by a children's theatre troupe. Most of the "children" were actually teenagers, or even college students, but it was fun...ny :) We had a good time, and had this running joke that Sarah (the oldest sister) had this strange ability to point at a guy and make him gay. Every guy that Sarah has been attracted to has turned out that way, and one of their friends recently came out as well. I guess it happens when you live in theatre and music circles... Anyhow, this is the friend that told me before that she takes the "hate the sin, love the sinner" approach to homosexuality, and when I told her that my sister was bi said "I'm sorry - how are you holding up?"
I also have a serious crush on her.
As we were all giggling about her mystical ability to point and make men gay, she made this comment - "You know it's funny, straight people think the gay point is funny, and gay men find it hilarious, but lesbians don't like it at all."

If only she knew...


aubrey said...

"I'm sorry - how are you holding up?"

Ohhhh wowwww.

The irony, the irony!

Joan K said...

Who knows... I didn't date much as a teen or 20 something woman but almost all of them men turned out to be gay. I didn't figure out I was a lesbian till much later. Perhaps there is something about her too.