Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coming out to my Sister (you will never guess what happened...)

Ok, I know it's been forever and three days since I posted, but this year has been stressful, busy, and hectic... and that was just my job. I'm sick and tired of semirural Texas and its insular inhabitants, and am planning a move to the metropolitan area where I grew  up, and my parents and sister still live.

Hopefully this will lead to less stress in my life, more energy to blog, and more life to blog about.

But, anyhow, to today.

I'm house-sitting for my parents because they are off at a conference (in another country, no less) for the week. My sister and I have planned several days of activities while I'm here.

Now, my sister, and our mutual desire to do things together has been worrying me, because while I know that I can keep from my parents information about myself that would let them draw conclusions (mainly because they don't know what conclusions to draw... and the fact that I'm not likely to go to night-clubs with then...) I knew that I could not successfully do that with my sister. She has a lot of gay friends, and would not write off a set of rainbow earrings as reminders of God's promises, a trip to the "gay" part of town because they have a really good vegetarian restaurant, or my continuing lack of a boyfriend because I haven't found "the one". My sister would see these things and know, so I knew I wanted to tell her first, so I would know her reaction, and hopefully stave off any "OMG I have to call Mom" moments. I decided to first tell her I'm bi - and then more, depending on her reaction. 

So, anyhow, this is really rambling, and I'm sorry that for the first post in such a long time it's such horrible writing. I'm sure one day I'll work it up into something glorious.

Anyways, today I drive up to see her, with the intention in the back of my head that sometime this week  I have to tell her. We walk around the downtown area of her suburb, looking at shops and restaurants and chatting. When it gets late enough, we go into one to eat.
Sometime during dinner, the time seems right.
I ask "If I tell you something, can you keep it a secret from Mom and Dad?"
...she affirms...
So I say it "I'm bi."
She raises up her hand to give me a hi five, which I quizzically return.
"Me, too." 

We talked straight through the next 5 hours, and would have talked longer except I had to get home to take care of the pets.

Of all the possible reactions she could have had, this was the best.


Lori D said...

Oh my word, I seriously thought you abandoned blogging. That line, "me too," was fantastic! I'm happy for you that you have a family member who IS an ally! You go girl!

(I have a very close family member who is a lesbian, too. I found this out once I came out as trans to her. God has a way of reaching out, doesn't he?) said...

Get outta town!


Now you know how I feel w/ 2 gay brothers. ;)

Rachel said...

Brilliant and perfect my dear.
God is good, all the time. Of course that is what happened you beautiful soul you. :)

Wormwood's Doxy said...

The Lord moves in mysterious ways... ;-)

Congratulations and may God continue to bless you on this journey. I look forward to hearing about it whenever you have the time/feel moved to write.


parodie said...

Wow! What an excellent, delightful surprise. Congratulations on taking another bold step out of the closet. :) I pray that you may continue to know God's hope and grace.

Rev Tony B said...

Oh, yes! That is so good to read. OK - I'm straight, male, and not Baptist, but I am definitely with you here: God has blessed you. And I suspect he has a lot more blessings to come.