Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The next big push

The next person I really want to come out to is my best friend, but I am really scared of how he would react, and since he knows my parents well, if he would feel he had to tell them or not. I wonder if I need to wait to tell him until I'm ready for my parents to know.

While I'm not ready to tell my parents, I want them to find out from me, not someone else.

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deb said...

Hi. I posted about Carol Boltz today. From my stats, I found a password-protected bulletin board from a Christian school (where someone had copied my entire post, and then people questioned Carol's faith because she is an advocate for lgbt people). After that, I tried to learn more about that group, and I looked for other pages that might address the same issues. That's how I found your blog. On your blogroll is FranIAm. She is also on the blogroll of someone else I read often. Small world. :)